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Set in a Madurai suburb where rooster or cock fights is a major sport and winning it is a prestige issue among those who breeds them. In the film, Pettaikaran (Jayabalan) is considered as the best in the business and Karuppu (Dhanush) is his pupil. The naïve and innocent Karuppu falls head over heels in love with an Anglo-Indian girl Irene (Taapasee). Cop Retnasamy (Nareyn), a bitter enemy of Pettai, used to conduct and win trophies in cock fighting almost every year. He decides to have one last cock fight with Pettai's team and win.

In the crucial fight, Retnasamy plays foul by using drug-induced roosters in the first round and defeats Pettaikaran. Enter Karuppu with his rooster to save the honour and prestige of his mentor.

Directed by Vetrimaran
Produced by Kathiresan
Written by Vetrimaran
Starring Dhanush, Taapsee Pannu, Sindhu Menon, Kishore, Karunas Music by G. V. Prakash Kumar
Cinematography Velraj
Editing by Te. Kishore
Distributed by Sun Pictures
Release date(s) January 14, 2011

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The movie begins with a narration about the history of rooster fight and how it became an important sport in rural Tamil Nadu. The story is set in Madurai where there are two rival gangs who had their rivalry dating back to few generations. In the present generation there is K P Karuppu (Danush) and Durai (Kishore) who learn the tricks of the trade from their mentor (Jayabalan).

On the other hand there is Rathnasamy (Naren) who is a police officer belonging to a family of people who involve themselves in rooster fight. The main prestige in winning the rooster fight is that the winner will be called as Pettaikaran. Luck would have it, it was always Jayabalan who wins the fight and retains the title to good effect.

Rathnasamy decides to lock horns with Jayabalan and team in a more aggressive manner which sets the pace of the movie racing in the first half. In the midst of all this, there is Irene (Tapsee Pannu) who steals the heart of K P Karuppu and her entry in to his life makes things more interesting.

When things go fine, K P Karuppu does not obey his mentor’s words and acts according to his instinct in which he comes out with flying colors. This leads to jealousy and betrayal which comes as a jolt to K P Karuppu. By the time he realizes what is happening around him, its too late and things go way beyond his control. In the end what does he do to solve the brewing issue is being said in the most logical way possible.

Music by G V Prakash Kumar is one of the strong pillars of the movie, the songs are chartbusters and especially the “Yaathe Yaathe” song sets the pulse racing. The rooster fights, which are digitally generated is perfectly rendered and it is a treat to watch. The movie however has few technical short-comings especially in a certain phase where the dialogues are almost inaudible unless one has an ear for detail.

The movie has a running time of 155 minutes and with a little more concentration on the screenplay, the box-office returns would have been handsome.

“Aadukalam” starts well but looses track mid way and ends badly.

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